About Light and Shadow Photography

Welcome to Light and Shadow Photography!

My name is Shadow and I’ll be your guide. I’m an artist who uses many mediums, particularly photographic film and vintage cameras, to explore and document the beauty of Oklahoma.

On this website you will find weekly tutorials on creative photographic technique as well as inspiration and musings on art.

Film is a wonderful medium for documenting our dreams, nightmares, and secret visions. Join me on a journey through film!

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Beautiful Bokeh

What is bokeh?

Have you ever admired the beautiful fuzzy and out of focus region on a photograph? That fuzzy area is called bokeh, and on this post I’m going to share how to create unique and interesting bokeh.

What kind of equipment do you need?

Bokeh is easiest to create with an SLR camera instead of a point-and-shoot. Use a zoom or telephoto lens for best results and ensure your aperature is wide open — that means use a small f-number. This will result in a shallow depth of field so beautiful bokeh can shine through!

How do you do it?

Bokeh results when light is out of focus, so ensure that the background is well-lit.

To create bokeh, you need a long focal length. Basically, just zoom in on your subject. Get as close as you can. Put as much distance between your subject and the background.

That’s it!

But there’s more you can do with this technique. Bokeh reflects the shape of the camera’s shutter. Typically this results in square or circular bokeh. But by taping black shapes to the front of your lens, you can create bokeh of any shape you desire! Simply cut out shapes in black construction paper– stars, paw prints, airplanes, whatever you’d like — and tape it to the front of your lens. Proceed as outlined above.

Example images coming soon!

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